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Turning Grey into Green
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Reduce, Recycle, Re-define

Hundreds of millions of tonnes of fly ash are disposed into landfill sites every year. Coal-fired power plants around the worldare faced with mounting disposal costs, landfill maintenance costs and community relations strained by negative public relations around the risks of dam collapse and toxin leaching.

Vecor technologies reduce the fly ash waste liability of power stations and communities by recycling landfill destined fly ash into resource-efficient products. The Vecor approach to resource-efficient material manufacturing redefines value and sustainability in the industrial mineral and building material markets.

Vecor has established wholly owned pilot facilities in China, and utilizes advanced pilot and laboratory facilities in Italy and Australia. Work in these pilot plants have successfully demonstrated that waste-grade fly ash can be recycled and processed into high grade raw materials and utilised to manufacture ceramic tiles, engineered sands, aggregates, pavers, bricks, refractory materials and other valuable products.

Vecor’s first product line, ceramic tiles, has demonstrated significant environmental advantages over industry standards,with savings in water use (34%), energy (19%), virgin materials (80%) and carbon (23%). Vecor ceramic tiles are expected to cost 15 to 20% less to produce than comparable industry standard clay tiles. Production cost savings are driven by reduced energy requirements, lower raw material costs and simplified materials preparation.

Welcome to Vecor. Turning Grey into Green.